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ADLA Now! is the official app for ADLA - the American Drum Line Association. This exciting new application helps you keep up-to-date with all of the latest news, scores, and event information for ADLA Events and Ensembles ... with LIVE updates, directly from the ADLA website.
With the ADLA Now! app, you can:
- see the latest scores from ADLA Events, available as soon as they're released at the Event.- access previous scores and placement for each Ensemble, in addition to current scores.- receive real-time notifications that new scores have been published - live from the Event.- have the details for each Event during the season, including location and start time- quickly see which Ensembles are performing in each Division/classification- know exactly when your Ensemble is scheduled, by viewing the Event Schedule- access the list of Judges for the Event and know which captions they're judging- get turn-by-turn directions to the Event location using the Maps feature of your phone- have access to the weather forecast for the Event location on show day (available 14 days prior to the Event date)- filter Events to show only those that your favorite Ensemble is registered for- receive Bulletins from the Event site - in case of schedule changes, etc.- view scores from previous seasons- have access to the latest news and information from the website
ADLA Now! is the MUST-HAVE application for ADLA participants, educators and staff members, families, friends, and fans.